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Tameka Young is the founder of the National Association for Kidpreneurs.  Mrs. Young has dedicated many years of service working with and for the betterment of youth by serving on various youth focused boards, mentoring, and working as a board consultant.  Tameka believes that providing a strong foundation and opportunity for our youth to thrive are key to the success of our children. Mrs. Young, also a professional model, is married and the mother of two sons.




Provide opportunities for kidpreneurs to create, grow, and develop business excellence through mentorship, peer connections, relevant resources, and events while instilling lifelong lessons in entrepreneurship.



National Association for Kidpreneurs (NAK) is an organization where kid business owners can network with like-minded individuals from all over the country. It is the goal of the organization to support its members by providing relevant resources, events, and opportunities to assist in growing and developing their business. Because we believe that the children of today hold the keys to tomorrow’s future, we are here to encourage their entrepreneurial efforts.

The NAK community encompasses a unique culture of young business owners, mentors, and information that is unparalleled in any organization AND it is geared toward kid business owners and their parents.  As a member, you will find valuable information from different programs and services that will add value to your business. Did we mention you will have fun while doing it?!?


“Just wanted to reach out and share his new business venture…
I’m sure you will be proud! Your class help!!! Thanks for all that you’ve done to teach and motivate him. 

❤️”Miles Davis

Kwasi Mom

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National Association for Kidpreneurs is the only national organization comprised of only Kidpreneurs. It was created for the sole purpose of providing a space for kid business owners to engage with their like-minded peers, and find resources and support to grow their businesses.

Kidpreneurs are really claiming their seat at the table. The momentum is growing and there are no signs of slowing down. Although kid-owned businesses have been around for ages, there have been a lot of driving factors that make the presence of these kid-owned businesses different from those in the past. Social media alone has been instrumental in creating huge opportunities. NAK promotes connectivity, education, and support to our members. Networking events and seminars.

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